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Professional jewellery care in Wallasey

Is the stone on your favourite piece of jewellery missing? Jewellery is bought with a lot of thought and is meant to be treasured. When they get damaged, it is upsetting and heart-breaking. At P. R. Jewellery, we understand this and make sure that every jewellery repair we undertake is handled with care and precision.

Whether your jewellery is gold, silver or platinum, it needs to be polished and looked after regularly. If your favourite watch's strap has snapped or a stone in a pair of earrings needs replacing, we can help. At P. R. Jewellery, we help to keep your jewellery scratch free and looking new.

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We aim to have your jewellery repaired within the hour, which means minimal waiting around.

Our customers travel from around Merseyside to see us, including:

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